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This is an RP journal, used for Sync the Tempest from Tales of the Abyss. Feel free to use this post to contact me when needed, or provide any useful crit you think I need!

Alternatively, you can contact me at the following:

AIM: SkyDream16
Discord: FortunaDraken#0962
Plurk: FortunaDraken

Please note that my Plurk is private and I require some way of knowing who you are before accepting any friend invites.


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[Looking to get a hold of Sync across the network for whatever reason? Here is where to do so! Video, voice and text are all acceptable.

Also feel free to use this post for simple threads that don't really need a full post on the comms]
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Sync the Tempest
• • • • • • •
Player: Fortuna
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point: After his true death
Alignment: Elios
Date of Entry: 01/05/2017

Age: Physically 15, chronologically 2-3
Birthday: Unknown
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Green
Height: 5'3"
Amulet: Necklace pendant in the shape of a lightning bolt, mid-dark purple in colour
Appearance: Link
Application: Link
Permissions: Link
Plurk: [ profile] FortunaDraken
Discord: FortunaDraken#0962

AU varients

Oct. 6th, 2016 11:39 pm
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A small post on the different AU variants I have of Sync. Information will be posted in comments and linked to here.

- Fae
- Merfolk
- Pokemon
- Vampire
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